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How to alter the Properties of a Schedulable RSS Zone?


As with the Schedulable Content zone settings, you can alter the properties of your RSS zones that have been placed on your layout design. To achieve this when you have dragged a RSS zone on to your design, or click the zone, you will be presented with two separate tabs; these being Layer Basics and RSS Design.

The Layer Basics tab has been discussed in the “Altering the Properties of a Schedulable Content Zone” section, however, the RSS Design tab introduces new features that are unique when you are adding RSS Feeds to your Layout design.

The RSS Design tab can be divided into several key sections, these are:

  • Changing your RSS Font Styles, Size and Colour.
  • Setting the background colour of your ticker.
  • Setting how you would like the ticker to appear with the use of shapes.
  • Setting the animation of your ticker and adding Seperator Images.
  • Setting the Speed and Pausing of your ticker.
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