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How to create your first Sync Group?

Please note the Synchronisation feature is only supported on the following solutions:
Samsung Smart Signage Platform (E Range Panels), IAdea (XMP-7300) and Windows PC Client.

Watch how to create a Sync Group:

To begin using the Sync Group feature you will need to click (or hover your mouse) on the Manage menu and then afterwards select the Network option from the drop-down menu. From within the drop-down menu that appears you will now need to click on Manage Sync Groups.

When you first go into this area you will be presented with the following message alert:

When you have read through the message you can click on the OK button and will then be taken into the Sync Manager and will notice three Smart Folders, which are: Unsynced Players, Synced Players and Non Sync Capable Players

    1. Within the Sync Groups section click on the New Sync Group icon, which is identified as the folder icon.
    2. You will now be presented with a Create New Sync Group window. Please enter the name you would like to give the group where you will add your sync players.
    3. When you have added a name for your Sync Group you can click on the > Create Sync Group button.How_to_use_the_Sync_Manager_-_Four.jpg
    4. When clicked you will find your new sync group folder will then be added into the My Sync Groups area.
    5. You will now need to add your desired players into this new folder to activate the sync feature. You can do this by going to the >Unsynced Players folder and then dragging your desired players into the Sync Group folder that you have created yourself.
    6. If you would like to alter the Sync Group Properties for your group, you can do so by right clicking your mouse icon on the relevant folder and then from the drop-down menu select > Properties.
    7. You will then be shown the Sync Group Properties window and will be able to change the following: Sync Group Name, Time out, Missed Syncs, Receiving Port and Sending Port.
    8. You can save your changes by clicking on the Save button.

The players you have now added into your sync folder will now be activated to use this particular signagelive feature. You can remove players from this group or delete the group at any stage by either dragging a player from the folder or right clicking the Sync Group folder and selecting Delete Group.

Once again, please be mindful that sync groups are for Fullscreen Playlists only.

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