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How to set up Screen Control schedules?


Within your network the Screen Control tab allows you to control your Players by allowing you to set a weekly schedule of when you would like the display monitor to either be ON or OFF throughout the working day. By creating a Screen Control schedule for your Player you are able to introduce an "Opening Hours" system of when you wish for the Player to show the media content and when they should be showing black for the day. Black will be when the screen is within the power-save mode.

Please Note: The Screen Control feature is only supported on hardware players that have the Windows Power Save Mode feature. If your hardware does not have this feature then you will not be able to use the Screen Control functionality.

How to locate the Screen Control Tab?

To begin adding a Screen Control schedule to your player you need to locate the correct area on your network by following these steps:

  1. To begin, please firstly click your mouse over the Network menu and from the drop-down menu select Manage.
  2. You will now be viewing the Network Manager window and will need to double-click the registered player you wish to create the schedule for.
  3. You should now be looking directly at the individual player details on your network and will notice a series of sub-tabs on the screen.
  4. Please locate and click on the tab that is named Screen Control.

How to setup a Screen Control Schedule for your Player?

When you are on the Screen Control tab for your player, you can create a schedule by going through the following steps:

  1. To begin select “Windows Power Save Mode” from the drop-down menu - “How do you switch your Screen On and OffScreen_Control_Tab_-_Options.jpg
  2. When you have selected this option from the drop-down, you will now need to click on the Add to Schedule button.Screen_Control_Tab_-_Add_to_Schedule.jpg
  3. You will now be shown an Add/Edit Schedule window from which you may now select which days you’d like for your player monitor to turn on and off.
  4. When you have selected your days, you will need to select what times you’d like this to take place by selecting a Turn On and Turn Off time.days_selection.jpg
  5. When you have selected your days and times then you can approve your schedule by clicking on the Save button.
  6. After clicking the Save button you will be taken back to the Screen Control Tab screen and see that your schedule has now been added.Screen_Control_Tab_-_Schedule_Added.jpg

When you see that your schedule has been added to the Screen Control screen it will be automatically deployed to your player. You will not be required to go through the usual deployment process.

Example of an advanced Screen Control Schedule

As you may have noticed, you can only add one On and Off rule at a time. However, it is possible to do this several times and this would allow for your registered player screen to switch on and off multiple times throughout a single day. When you have added a single schedule, you can click the Add to Schedule button again to add another schedule as required.

As an example, lets say that you wanted a schedule that would allow for your screen to follow these rules:

Screen Schedule - Example One:

Screen needs to be on at the following times:

  • 08:00am to 11:15am
  • 13:00pm to 16:00pm
  • 17:00pm to 22:00pm
    • At all other times the player screen should be powered off.
    • The schedule will only be played on Monday to Friday. (Weekdays).

Here's how you would achieve this example in terms of scheduling:


Screen Schedule - Example Two

Screen needs to be on at the following times:

  • 07:30am to 09:15am
  • 11:15am to 13:15pm
  • 15:15pm to 17:15pm
  • 19:15pm to 21:15pm
  • 23:15pm to 23:59pm
    • At all other times the player screen should be powered off.
    • The schedule will be played on every day of the week. (Weekdays & Weekends).

Here's how you would achieve this example in terms of scheduling:


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