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Using The Network Tab


When you become familiar with looking at individual player information on your network, the most commonly used data will be found on the Network tab. The Network tab contains information about Connection Statistics and allows you to set how frequently your player should be performing both Content and Health Checks to our server, plus you can also view the current bandwidth usage.

To clarify, the Network tab controls/displays the following elements on individual players:

  • Ability to set the frequency of both your player Content and Health Checks.
  • Ability to set your RSS Feeds to synchronise every minute.
  • Allow you to enable or disable automatic reboot for your registered player.
  • Displays all Connection Statics for your player; including dates for when player last communicated with the Signagelive server.
  • A total of how much Signagelive bandwidth the player has already used within the current month.
  • Player Connections graph; allowing a visual view of how your player is currently performing each day.

Below is a screenshot of how the Network tab appears to you as a user; we'll discuss the individual sections of this area underneath to give you a clear understanding of how to best to use this area and features.


Content and Health Checks

This first section on the Network tab allows you to set the frequency of the Content and Health checks that your player will perform with our Signagelive server. A Content check is when your player connects to our server to our server to see if there are any newer schedules to download, whereas a Health check is your player telling our server that it is connecting and working.


As you will see from both the Content and Health check sections you can set your checks to happen at different minute to hourly intervals and can also set just a one-off daily check if that is what you would prefer. You'll also notice an area for the the synchronisation of RSS Feeds every minute and by default this option is ticked.

Automatic Player Reboot

When you first registered your player with a Signagelive licence a player reboot time was added to the device's registry. The time of the reboot will be a random one between the local time of 23:00pm and 06:00am and this setting will be switched on by default.


The reasoning behind an automatic player reboot is that it gives your a device to reset at the end of the day (or early morning) to ensure it avoids any issues. As stated the automatic player reboot feature is enabled by default, but can be switched off at any time. The choice on this is completely up to you as the user.

Connection Statistics

As soon as you registered your player device and it began connecting with us then it would have started populating data to the Connection Statistics area. As you can see from this area, you are able to view details on when the player was commissioned, when it was last rebooted, when it last did a content and health check and how much bandwidth has been used so far this month.


Player Connections Graph

The Player Connections graph gives you a visual representation of how your player is performing and allows you to view either the Last 100 Connections or the Last 7 days. As you will see under the graph there is a legend that will help you understand what the different colour symbols mean.


If your player is booting up, deploying content or performing either content or health checks then this information will be added to your Player Connections graph and you'll be able to quickly see how your player is performing without having to analyse the text data on the left hand side.

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