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Understanding the Status of Individual Players


By clicking on the Network menu, selecting players and then selecting the site you wish to view, there is a series of six status lights at the top of every individual player page.

These status light indicators are vital in showing you the current progress of the player and each have a separate meaning within the system; these are:

Automatic Lights:

The following are lights that are controlled by Signagelive. Users cannot impacted on these lights by clicking them and these are purely controlled by the performance of the player.


Red The player has not downloaded all of today's content.
Amber The player has not downloaded all of the future content.
Green The player has downloaded all of the latest content successfully.


Health Check

Red The player has not connected and performed a health check within the period set.
Green The player has connected and done it's health check successfully.


Screen Control (On/Off

Red The player is currently is set to off and will not be showing Signagelive.
Green The player screen is currently set to be on.

User Editable Lights

The following are lights that are controlled by you the user and can be found on the Support Tab only. These can be clicked to determine their light sequence and are used for reporting and support purposes.

In Service 

Red Player has not been installed properly and/or an error has been flagged.
Green This Player has no current issues.


Follow Up

Amber The player is marked as requiring some form of follow up action.
Green The player is not marked for follow up.



Red The player is marked as requiring a maintenance visit.
Green The player is not marked as requiring maintenance.


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