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Overview of the Player Manager


One of the main areas you will use is the Player Manager and it is this area that allows you to both see and manage all of the players that have been registered to your network. The Network Manager allows you to directly view individual players, plus add the players in to custom folders that you create to ensure your network is kept both tidy and well managed.

To begin managing the players that have been registered to your signagelive network you will need to click on the Network menu and then afterwards from the drop-down menu click the Manage option. When you have done this you will be taken into the Network Manager, which appears as per below:

Here is an overview of what the different sections of the Player Manager show:

Player Searches

In the top left corner of the Network Manager you will have the ability to perform searches for your players, which can be carried out with the Player Serial number or any part of the site information given to the player. Also note you do not have to enter full text terms as partial data will also return all corresponding results.

If the standard search area is not able to locate your players then you also have the advanced search feature that can be accessed with the drop-down arrow (just to the right of the Search button. The advanced search functionality provides additional search methods that will help return the results you are looking for.

Smart Folders

In the left hand menu area, underneath the search feature, you will also notice a section titled Smart Folders and a series of named folders included. The Smart Folders section gives you some useful folders to help you begin managing your network, such as the ability to view all, recently commissioned and unsorted players on your network.

The 'All' folder will show you all of the players that have been registered to your network. The 'Recently Commissioned' folder will show you the last 25 players that have been registered to your network and lastly the 'Unsorted' folder will show you all players that have not been categorised in to a folder on your Network Manager. Once you begin adding playing to specific folders then they will be removed from the Unsorted folder.

You will also notice a 'Trash' area in this section where you can put your players if you are no longer using them. The trash folder is not a permanently deleted area, however it is the first step to getting to this stage and players can be erased when in the Trash Folder.

My Folders

Also in the left hand menu, underneath the Smart Folders, you will find a My Folders section, which gives you the chance to create your own custom folders. These custom folders will help you manage your registered players by dragging and dropping players around the management area.

Your Players

The main area of the Network Manager is the section where you will see all of your registered players listed. For each player registered to your network (and depending on the folder you've selected) you will see the players with a specific graphic determined by the device being used, plus some of the player site information.

You can also navigate to view any individual player information by double clicking on any of the players that are listed in the Network Manager. By double clicking you are taken away from the Network Manager and will be shown the individual player information for the player you selected to view.

Navigating the Players

If you have lots of players registered to your network then another feature of the Network Manager will be the ability to scroll through several pages of results. At the bottom of the Network Manager you will notice the total of search results will be shown to you, plus you have the ability to scroll to the previous or next page, of the first or last page if you have lots of players registered.

Understanding the different Views

At the top right of the Network Manager you will also notice that you have a series of views that you can use to view the page. The view modes available allow you to view the players in the Network Manager as a large thumbnails, a list only or list but with smaller thumbnails.


Please feel free to use the view mode that suits you best. You may find that certain views contain slightly more information about the player which you prefer, or your may just wish to use the default thumbnail view. The choice of which view you use is completely up to you.

Global Network Settings

You may have also noticed that near the top right of the Network Manager there is a button named 'Global Network Settings'. This particular feature allows you to set global settings such as Health and Content Checks, plus Automatic Reboots for every player you have registered to your network. The benefit of this is that it prevents you from having to go through each and every player on your network if you would like to have global settings applied.

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