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Using the Schedule Tab


If at any point you'd like to know what has been scheduled to your player then you can easily do this via the Schedule Tab. The Schedule tab shows you all of the playlists and layouts that have been scheduled to the player for today and for the future, along with their deployment status of the schedules. The default playlist information is also shown on the schedule tab, to identify what content the user will see on the player should the schedules expire.

Here's a screenshot of what the Schedule Tab will appear like when schedules have been deployed. Below we'll discuss the different areas in a little more detail to help your understanding of this tab.

Default Playlist

On the Schedule Tab you are able to view whether a Default Playlist has been scheduled to your player. A default playlist in terms of Signagelive acts like a safety net where should all your active schedules expire or if you have nothing deployed then your Default will play.

One of the advantages of a Default Playlist and why it acts as a safety net is that it can never expire and will overwrite our initial Signagelive content that you first see when registering and launching our software ont the player.


On the Schedule Tab you are also able to see the schedules that have been deployed to your player, whether that is a fullscreen playlist or a layout. You'll be able to see the schedule name, when it was due to start and finish, plus whether any recurrence was added to the overall schedule.

You'll also notice that there is a colour legend associated to the schedules. Green being the colour that shows your schedule has successfully deployed, red meaning the schedule has not been deployed and blue being "status unavailable" where content success reporting is not available on the player/version you've deployed to.

Removing Schedules

You'll also notice that you can remove schedules from the Schedule Tab "Schedule" section and you can easily do this by clicking the red 'x' symbol that is shown to the right of each schedule listed. On clicking the red 'x' symbol your schedule will be removed.

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