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How to apply your Renewal licences?


If you have purchased renewal licences then you will need to add these to your network in the same way you would with standard licences. When they have been added to your network you will notice that they appear in the Licence Management list on your network as Renewal type licences.

The following guide will show you how you can move from adding the renewal to adding this to your expired (or expiring) standard licence:

Watch how to renew Licences

Read how to Renew your Licences

When you wish to extend your standard licences with renewals that you have purchased you will need to carry out the following steps:

  1. To begin, please navigate to the Licence Management area of your network by using the Settings Licences menu options.
  2. At this stage you should be able to search for and find your purchased renewal licences. If you cannot find them then they have not been added to your network and you will not be able to renew your licences. The renewal process does not work unless you have at least one available renewal licence on your network, so please ensure you have added these with the Add Licences button.
  3. When you are in the Licence Management area and have renewals available on your network, start the renewal process by clicking on the blue text of the relevant Licence Code for the standard signagelive licence that you now wish to extend with an renewal.
  4. When you click the licence code, you will now be presented with Licence Summary window with details about the selected licence. You can now proceed by clicking on the Renew Licence button.
  5. When you have clicked the Renew Licence button you will be presented with the Extend Licence window and shown the selected licence information, including a section named Choose Renewal Length.
  6. Within the Choose renewal Length section you will see a list of available renewals. You will need to click on the length of available renewal you wish to use. When you have clicked you will notice the renewal will turn yellow. You now click the green Renew button.
  7. You will now be shown a confirmation screen asking if you wish to confirm the renewal. To proceed you will need to click on the OK button.

Your standard licence will now be extended by the duration of renewal used, you will be able to check this within your Licence Management area. The used renewal licence will now disappear from your list.

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