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Converting your Trial to be a Full Licence?


If you are a trial Signagelive user who has installed the software on to a hardware and, as a result, has now purchased a full licence then you are now able to convert your original licence. When you wish to convert your trial to be a full licence you will need to carry out the following steps:

  1. Firstly within the Licence Management area, which you can access via the Settings then Licences from the drop-down menus, please make sure that you have added your purchased licence to the network you are using. If you do not add the purchased licence to the network then the ability to convert your trial will not be available to you.
  2. When you have added your purchased licence, please click on the white text area (Licence Code column) of the trial licence that you wish to now convert.
  3. When you have done this a licence summary page will appear on the screen. On the licence summary window that appears, you will now see a blue button named "Convert to Full Licence" appear.
  4. When ready please click this Convert to Full Licence button. After clicking the Convert to Full Licence button you will be presented with a confirmation screen.
  5. When are ready to confirm your conversion you can click on the green OK button.
  6. After clicking the OK button you will now be presented with a green confirmation message stating that “Your trial licence was converted successfully”. Your trial will now be converted and extended by the length of the licence you converted it with.

You have now converted your trial to be a full licence and the licence will now have a new expiration date. You will be able to confirm this information within the licence summary window shown just after converting, or via the licence management area on your network at any time.

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