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How to add licences to your Network?


Now that you have become familiar with the Licence Management area, one of the most common uses for this area will be to add additional licences to your network. Licences of any type, such as trials, standard or renewals can be added your network at any time and can be added either at the point of first creating the network or on the Licence Management area as this guide will show.

Watch how to add Licences:

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When you are ready to add licences to your network, you will need to carry out the follow steps:

  1. To begin, When you are logged in to the network that you wish to deactivate the licences for, firstly click on the Settings menu that appears on the blue menu bar.
  2. From clicking the Settings menu, a drop-down menu will appear with a Licences option. The final step is to click on the Licences option and you will be taken to the Licence Management area for the network.
  3. When in the Licence Management area, please now click on the Add Licences button which can be found near the top left of the window (just above your licences list).
  4. After clicking the blue Add Licences button you will be presented with a 'Add Licences' screen where you can begin adding the 16 digit licence codes you wish to add to the network. If you have a large list of licences then you can simply copy and paste in to this area and your licence keys will all be added as necessary.
  5. When you are happy the licences you wish to add are now added to the list area, please make sure you read through the End User Licence Agreement document before then proceeding to tick the available tick-box to confirm you have.
  6. When you've ticked the agreement box, you will now need to click the Save button to proceed. When you have done this you will then receive a prompt asking for confirmation that you wish to proceed with adding your licences to the network.
  7. After reading the prompt and clicking OK you now receive a green confirmation message that your licences have been added.

The licences will now have been added to your network and you can repeat the process straight away if you'd like to add further licences. Don't worry though as licences do not become active until they are registered with a player for the first time, therefore can be added any time to your network so please come back to use the Licence Management area should you wish to do this in the future. 

As mentioned, licences of any type, such as standard or renewals will need to be added to your network in the same way. There are no differences in the adding process regardless of the licence type.

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