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How do I upload the media in my queue?


When you have added your desired files and added the required tags, you are now ready to confirm the upload of your content to your signagelive network. You can now upload your queue by carrying out these steps:

  1. With your files added to Media Queue, you will firstly need to click on the Upload Assets button which will start the process of uploading. However prior to this starting, you will be asked to confirm via a window box to "I confirm I have permission to use and distribute these assets".
  2. Once clicked the upload process will continue and you'll see the progress of your asset as they begin to upload:
  3. The file that is currently uploading will also be highlighted with the blue background colour. When the file has been uploaded it will automatically removed from the list.

When all of your files have finished uploading you will be taken directly into the Playlist Manager and can begin to add the uploaded assets to your desired playlists. All of the uploaded files will now be part of your network asset library and, if added, can be found easily with the search functionality using the tags you have added.

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