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How do I begin to upload media files?


Please Note: Before you begin your media to your Signagelive network we recommend you check it will be supported for the intended Signagelive application you wish to use. You can find that level of information here and hopefully this will help you save time.

Signagelive has the abiility to play a wide range of media content across all of our applications and within your network we give you the ability to upload your files. The media files you can use range from videos, images, webpages, streams, tickers and media RSS files. Regardless of the type of content it will all be added within the same area of your network, which we term the the Asset Uploader.

Watch how to upload content:

Read how to upload your Media:

To begin upload media files to your network in the Asset Uploader, you will need to take the following steps:

  1. When you are logged in to your Signagelive network, you will need to firstly click on the Content menu, select Assets from the drop-down option that appears and then click the Add option as your final step.
  2. When you have selected this menu option you will then be presented with the Asset Uploader feature within your network. To proceed with uploading you will need to click on the Add Files button to proceed to the next step.
  3. After you have clicked the Add Files button you will now be shown an 'Open' window which will allow you to navigate around your local computer to search for the files you wish to begin uploading.
  4. Locating and adding your files is very simple to do, and if you wish to add multiple files in one go to your network then you can. All you need to do is make a multiple selection and then all of the selected files will be added to your upload queue. When you are ready, find the files you require and then click the Open button to ensure they are added to your Upload Queue.
  5. When you have selected a series of media files and clicked Open, you will now find all of the media files have been added to your Upload Queue. If you wish to now begin adding these to your network then click on the Upload button to proceed.
  6. On clicking the Upload button you will firstly receive a prompt to confirm you are happy to proceed with uploading the content. When you are happy to proceeed then you can by ticking the available confirmation box and clicking OK. After doing this your queue of content will begin to upload to your network and you'll be shown a progress bar for each asset to see how long it will take to upload.
  7. When complete you will receive a window prompt confirming your files have been added.

You will now have successfully added files to your network and as you will see from our example, we have added four media files to our “Your Media Queue” section and this area tells you the file name, size of file and a confirmation that your file is now ready to upload.

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