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How can I associate keywords with my uploads?


When you have begun to add assets into your Media Queue it is at this stage you can begin to add either global tags for all media in the queue, or individual tags for single assets. The feature of adding tags will allow you to associate keywords with your select media assets and this will provide an excellent way of searching and using these files on your signagelive network in the future.

Global Tags:

If you would like to add Global Tags to all of assets within your Media Queue, then you will need to:

  1. With media in your queue, click your mouse on the next available row in the Tags for all Assets window.
  2. Your selected row will then have a blue outline showing and you can then begin to enter your tag.


You will now find that the tags entered will be added to all other assets that are present within your Media Queue and these keywords will be associated to the files permanently when they have been uploaded to your signagelive network. You change a tag any time by clicking on the row and amending the relevant tag text as you require.

Individual Tags:

If you would like to add individual tags to specific files then you will need to:

  1. Within the Media Queue click on the file you wish to add individual tags to and it will be highlighted blue.
  2. You will now notice a new Tags tab on the right hand side will appear and be named “Tags for...”


You will notice that the full name of the tag depends on the name of the selected file you have chosen. The tags you add in these areas are only specific to the file highlighted and will not be added to other files.

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