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How to add a webpage to your Network?


Signagelive is able to play all kinds of content and one of the common options selected by users is to use webpages. Adding and using webpages within your network is very simple to do and the following guide will take you through the process of how you can do this.

Watch how to upload a Webpage:

Read how to upload a Webpage:

To begin adding webpages to your network, you will need to take the following steps:

  1. When logged in to the network you wish to add your webpages to, you will need to firstly need to click on the Content menu, select Assets from the drop-down option that appears and then click the Add Assets option.
  2. After selecting the options you will see the main Asset Uploader screen and will need to click on the Add URL button that is near the top left area of the window.
  3. After clicking the Add URL button you will be presented with a prompt with the title “What type of URL would you like to Add?” window will appear. It is from this from this window you will need to click the first option which is the “Add Webpage” button.
  4. After making your selection you will now be shown the "Add New Webpage" window and will be able to begin adding your webpage. To proceed, you will firstly need to give your webpage a friendly name.
  5. After adding a name, you can then select whether your webpage is HTTP:// or HTTPS:// and enter the URL of the webpage you'd like to add to your network.
  6. After doing this step you will then need to tick the “I confirm I have permission to use and distribute this asset” box within the window.
  7. When finished adding your webpage, you can then click the OK button and the webpage will be added to the “Your Media Queue” area. The asset is in the list ready to be uploaded and you can proceed to do so when you have added any other media you wish to upload at the same time.

You will now have added the webpage and it will now appear in your Upload Queue area. If you want to quickly upload this webpage just click on the Upload button, however if you wish to add other files to the queue please do so and click Upload when you are ready to proceed. Your webpage will become an asset on your network which you can then schedule at any time.

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  • Avatar
    User: Brad Parler , Network: Global Custom Commerce

    I am not able to get the URL to play in a playlist - does this kind of asset only work in a layout? 

  • Avatar
    Francisco Jose Arraez Segura

    Hello Brad,

    Yes the web assets work in a fullscreen playlist, so you should be able to show them on your player.

    Just drag and drop the web asset into a playlist as normal, then deploy the playlist.

    However, RSS feeds can be only shown within layouts.

    If you feel you need assistance with this please come to our live chat support service.

    Thank you for contacting Signagelive.

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