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Screensaver Edition: How to configure the screensaver to run?


After you have downloaded and installed the Screensaver software, you will be required to carry out a series of steps to ensure you set your screensaver to be used within the Windows Operating Sytem. Unless you set the screensaver to run by following these steps then simply installing the software will have no bearing on what is displayed on the screen.

Here are the steps you will need to follow:

  • Navigate to the following directory on your player C:\Program Files\signagelive\*Version Number*\mediaplayer
  • (If you have installed the software in a different location, then locate the relevant folder as appropriate)
  • Locate the file entitled: SignageLive MediaPlayer.scr
  • Right Click the mouse icon on the located SignageLive MediaPlayer.scr file. 
  •  From the menu that appears, select Install.
  • Your Windows Screen Saver settings should now automatically load.
  • From the Screen Saver drop-down box, make sure Signagelive MediaPlayer is selected.
  • You can now set the frequency you would like the Screen Saver to appear.
  • Click OK to approve your settings.
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    User: Rafshan Rahiman , Network: Qatar Insurance Company

    This steps has to be done only once at the time of installation or should be done every time a new content is published??

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    Francisco Jose Arraez Segura

    Hi Rafshan,

    This has to be done only once at the time of installation. Once it's done the screensaver Windows routine will launch our mediaplayer as the machine screensaver automatically.

    The process that handles content updates is independent and does not need any additional configuration.

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