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What IAdea devices use Simple SMIL?


The following IAdea devices will use the Simple SMIL output:

Simple SMIL

  • Any device activated with a Lite Licence
  • Samsung Smart Signage V1
  • Signagelive Android Player
  • IAdea XDS-101
  • IAdea XDS-104
  • IAdea XMP-120
  • IAdea XDS-151
  • IAdea XMP-300
  • IAdea XMP-320
  • Equivalent Players built on IAdea Hardware (e.g. Viewsonic)

Things you should know:

  • To be able to use Signagelive’s Enhanced SMIL support Players must be activated with a Standard Licence, if a Player which supports the Enhanced SMIL output has a Lite (Virtual Player Licence as known previously)  then they will only be able to show simple SMIL Output, but will continue to work as they did prior to the Enhanced SMIL Release.
  • Players which support Enhanced SMIL can be upgraded to to a Standard Licence, by deactivating the Lite Licence and reactivating with a Standard Licence.

From the date of Release of the Enhanced SMIL Support any supporting Players will need to be activated with a Standard Licence, it will not be possible to activate with a Lite Licence.



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