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How do I display a web page which requires Authentication?


To display web pages that require authentication we have created a Simple Authentication Widget, but it comes with a couple of caveats, which are required for the Widget to be able to work.

These caveats are:

  • The web page being used must support basic authentication.
  • Due to the way that Signagelive displays the web page the hosting server must have CORS support enabled.
  • X-Frame-Options need to be enabled, as Signagelive will be displaying the web page within an iFrame.

As with all web content published using Signagelive, there isn’t a requirement for the web page to be publically available on the internet, the URL can be one which is only accessible on your local/internal network.

Signagelive does not require the data being shown to be passed to the Signagelive cloud at all, as long as the Signagelive client is able to connect to the URL then the web page will be displayed.

The Signagelive Simple Authentication Widget, has 3 preferences which users are able to configure when used within Signagelive, allowing the same widget to be used for multiple different URL’s if required. These are:

  • URL - The URL to be displayed
  • Username - The username to use when authenticating.
  • Password - The password to use when authenticating.

NOTE: Please be aware that the Password field is stored in the Signagelive database in plain text, but is transferred to players over HTTPS.

If you would like to use this Widget, it is available to download here: Signagelive Simple Authentication Widget.

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