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Creating Users


After successfully setting up your Signagelive Network and activating your players, you can begin to add users. You can add as many users as you like, there is no restriction on the amount and there are also several roles to choose from when you create your user accounts.

To begin setting up your new user accounts, follow these steps:

  • Login to your Signagelive Network as an Administrator
  • Select Settings
  • Select Users
  • Select Create User
  • Enter the first and last name information
  • Choose a privilege for this user:
    • Administrator can access all areas, add and remove users, licences, players and all content
    • Users can access everything but can not add or remove other users, players or licences
    • Read Only users can only see and manage information within the Signagelive Network they access, they can not edit or amend
    • Local users are able to access only the playlists of players they are associated with and are given access to by a User or Administrator (using a Localised Playlist)
    • Message Managers are able to update text and Media RSS feeds via the Message Manager application. They will only see the Custom RSS feeds listed that they are given access to by a User or an Administrator
  • For either Local Users or Message Manager Users, you will be given the optional step of creating a password. To give the User the ability to create their own password, simply leave this option empty.
  • Enter the email address of your user and then confirm to proceed
  • Click Create User to continue
  • You will be shown a confirmation and an email will be sent to the new user.

Once you have created a new user account, they will be able to follow the instructions sent to them via the email they receive, to log in and use Signagelive within the scope of their given role or privileges. You can then continue to create more new users with their own privileges if and when required.


Please Note: A new User will not be able to login to Signagelive until they have activated their account using the link provided in the email sent when the account was created. If the User did not receive this email, we advise checking your Junk and Spam folders before speaking with our Support Team via Live Chat.


How can I find out more?

For more information about Users, Roles and how to configure either, speak with the Support Team via Live Chat or email (

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