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How do I switch between the New UI and the Legacy UI?


In our latest updates, we have removed many of the Legacy UI elements of Signagelive, which were no longer required. There are, however, some areas that are due to be updated and as such, you may need to switch between Legacy and New UIs to access some features within Signagelive.

You can see which areas and features are affected in the list below

  • Player Manager
    • Global Network Settings - not yet implemented in New UI
    • Ability to edit the resolution of Player/s
  • Playlist Creator
    • Localised Playlist - ability to configure Localised Playlists within Control Asset properties not yet implemented


If you need to use any of the above features, we have added a button allowing you to switch between New UI and Legacy UI and this can be used as explained below.

How do I change to the Legacy Playlist Creator?

To switch to the Legacy Playlist Creator, please follow these steps:

  • Login to your Signagelive Network as an Administrator, User, Local User or Read Only User
  • Access the Playlist Creator (Content - Playlists - Create/ Edit)
    • Local Users will be taken to the Playlist Creator upon logging in, no further navigation required


Upon accessing the Playlist Creator, you will see the ‘Switch to Legacy UI’ button if you are in the New UI, or the ‘Switch to the New UI’ button if you are using the Legacy UI.


How do I change to the Legacy Player Manager?

To switch to the Legacy UI Player Manager, please follow the steps listed below:

  • Login to your Signagelive as an Administrator, User or a Read Only User
  • Select Network
  • Select Manage

You will be taken to your Player Manager where you will be given the option to ‘Switch to Legacy UI’. If you press this, you will be switched to the Legacy UI’s Player Manager and as such be given the option to send Global Network Settings (read more about that here).

Please Note: Whichever UI you last used will be remembered by Signagelive when you next login, you will then be able to switch back at any point using the same instructions.

How can I find out more?

You can learn more about The Player Manager in this Help Centre section and more about the Playlist Creator in this Help Centre section. You can also speak directly to the Signagelive Support Team via Live Chat or by emailing

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