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SSSP - How to reset Signagelive on your Panel


To be able to reset our Signagelive application on Samsung Panels (D range panels and later) then you will need to follow the below instructions:

  1. Deactivate the licence you have associated to the Samsung device.
  2. With the device powered on, please click Home > Change URL and enter:
  3. Once set, click OK and then Done, then click Home > URL Launcher
  4. You will now hopefully see 4-5 lines of white text information. It does not matter what is stated within this text, just that it is shown. If it is, please proceed.
  5. Please now click Home > URL Launcher and enter the player specific URL (you can find the correct URL,  here)
  6. You can now click OK and Done, then click Home > URL Launcher
  7. Signagelive will now install and you will be presented with the Settings screen shortly.
Failure to deactivate the licence in Step 1 will prevent you being able to get an Activation Code.
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