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Standard Edition: How do I remove Signagelive?


To remove the Signagelive application and associated settings from your Windows PC, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Deactivate the licence you have associated to the PC device.
  2. On the Windows menus, please click Start > Programs > Signagelive > Remove Signagelive Licence Information
  3. You will now be presented with the Signagelive Licence Removal Tool and simply need to click the Clear Licence Information button to finish this process.
  4. You can now close the Signagelive Licence Removal Tool
  5. To give a completely clear state, please now click on Start > Run and type %appdata%
  6. Please now go to the Signagelive folder, where you can delete the following folders: Logs, Media, Playlists, Signcontroller and Temp
  7. Please now click on Start > Programs > Signagelive > Signagelive Configuration and you can now work through the installation as per normal.
  • Using the “I have a 16 digit licence” method will not work as this was removed during our security enhancements. Please use the option "I do not have a 16 digit licence" at all times to help get an Activation Code to be shown, which you can register with.
  • If you are not given an Activation Code during the Signagelive Configuration process and the device refers to M2M server issues, this will be that the device believes it is still associated to an active licence. If you do not know where it is registered, please contact the Signagelive Support Team.
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