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Which Signagelive Clients support IPTV Streaming?


All platforms will support audio and video 1080p:

  • SSSP E Series - UDP/RTP/RTSP (multicast) streams encoded in H.264 and MPEG2.
  • SSSP F (Tizen) Series - HLS (H.264) only
  • LG WebOS - HLS H.264
  • Chrome - HLS (H264) only
  • PC - UDP/RTP/RTSP (multicast) - H.264 and MPEG2
  • IAdea (XMP-7300) - RTSP (multicast)

Therefore if you are using a streaming device your options are SSSP and PC as IP Encoders (Exterity, Terracue, Avermedia) are likely to support UDP and RTP as protocols.

We would always recommend using UDP Multicast as UDP does not have the overhead of RTP as a protocol. If the network is a good network (not dropping packets) then you do not need the overhead of RTP that will allow packets to be put back in the right order when received at the playback device

HLS (HTTP Live streaming) is generally used for streaming over the internet and UDP/RTP on the LAN - however there is not a single player that Signagelive supports that supports both solutions.

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