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Configuring your E Series Samsung SSP Display to work with Signagelive


This article should be used as a guide to assist you with setting up your Samsung E Series displays to work with Signagelive.

The instructions will take you through installing and configuring Signagelive from the displays out the box state. If you have any issues during the process, please speak with our Support or Sales team for further advice.


What do I need?

To configure your display, you will need a Samsung E Series panel, for full list of supported models, please read this article.

You will require the following in order to complete the setup:

  • Remote control
  • Connected USB Keyboard (optional)
  • Connection to either a wired or wireless network.


How do I install Signagelive on my display?

This video gives the complete overview of the installation process:

Text instructions for the installation and configuration of your E Series display can be found below:

  • Power on your E Series display
  • Select the language in which to proceed (press ok to continue)
  • Choose the display orientation (press ok to continue)
  • Confirm network access, or configure wireless network (press ok to continue)
  • Select ‘No Input’ if asked for TV input (press ok to continue)
  • Set display local date and time (press ok to continue)
  • Select URL Launcher (press ok to continue)
  • Enter the player specific Signagelive Player URL ( (select next to continue)
  • Press OK to confirm settings
  • Press home/ content button on remote control
  • Select URL Launcher
  • Within Signagelive Settings menu, set timezone of display (press down arrow on remote to continue)
  • Select display rotation, if any (press down arrow on remote to continue)
  • Select SSL settings (press down arrow on remote to continue)
  • Activate Remote Firmware Updates (press down arrow on remote to continue)
  • Save settings


Your player will now launch and after downloading its content, will show the Signagelive activation code. This should then be activated on your Signagelive Network using one of your active licences and when the player next successfully performs its content check, you’ll see the green tick appear to let you know the display has been successfully connected to Signagelive.

What's next?

For further information on Activating your player, please see this corresponding article.


For further support, please see our Samsung SSP support pages or speak with our Support team (

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