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Philips Android SoC - Content and Feature Support


The following guide confirms the current content and feature support of the Signagelive for Philips Android SoC. The items covered in this guide include documentation for supported file types, scheduling, feature support, ticker features, configuration and settings.

Please use the following navigation to locate the information you need to know about the Signagelive for Philips Android SoC platform:

Feature  Supported File Types
Image .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF  
Video AVI, MP4, MOV
Audio .MP3
Feature Description Philips D-Line
Just in Time Scheduling Yes
Forward Scheduling Yes
Screen On/Off Control No
Control Interrupts in Playlist No
Validity of assets in Playlist Yes
 Keyboard Interrupt / Trigger No
Conditional Tags Yes
Automatic Reboot of Player Yes
Content Check Frequency Yes
Health Check Frequency Yes
Proof of Content Delivery Yes
Feature Description Full Screen Media Multizone Media Support
Video Yes Yes
Gapless Video Playback No No
Images Yes Yes
Media RSS Yes Yes
Webpages Yes Yes
Video Input No No
RSS Ticker No No
Layout Background Image No Yes
Default Assets per Zone No Yes


For further support, please see our Philips Android SoC support pages or speak with our Support team (

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