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Philips Android SoC - Which displays are supported?


The following table contains a list of the Philips Android SoC models that Signagelive will work on. 

This list of displays are all displays with the embedded Philips Android SoC player and as such should be supported on the Signagelive platform, however not all have been tested thoroughly and we would advise you speak with our support team for further details to ensure compatibility. 


Philips Android SoC - D-Line
Model Number Description Sizes (Inches)
Full HD range
32BDL4050D Mainstream, full HD display 32"
43BDL4050D Mainstream, full HD display 43"
49BDL4050D Mainstream, full HD display 49"
55BDL4050D Mainstream, full HD display 55"
65BDL4050D Mainstream, full HD display 65"

 You can read more about the content and features supported by your Philips Android SoC display here
For any additional information, please see the Philips Professional Display website or alternatively speak with our sales team if you have any questions regarding feature compatibility with your Philips Android SoC display.
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