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Known limitations when uploading custom .WGT files
Known limitations when uploading custom .WGT files
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When compressing and uploading .WGT files from a macOS device, it's worth noting that macOS' default compression utility can result in mismatched header sizes which can lead to your file not successfully uploading.

Therefore we recommend using 7Zip when compressing files you wish to upload from a macOS device. You can download 7Zip here.

Once your file has been compressed to a ZIP file, please proceed to rename the file extension to .wgt and then upload your file.


Similarly to macOS above, Linux's default compression utility has exhibited issues for some users in the past. Therefore, please use Terminal to compress your ZIP folder. Follow the steps below to do this:

  1. Open the Terminal application

  2. Enter the following command to install the ZIP function within Terminal: sudo apt install zip (for Ubuntu and Debian) or sudo yum install zip (for CentOS and Fedora)

  3. Next, navigate to the directory where the files and folders you wish to compress (cd/ followed by the path in which your files sit)

  4. Once in the directory, enter the following command line (remove square brackets and fill the text within with the relevant file and folder names unique to your directory): zip -r [NAME OF ZIP FILE].zip [Foldername1] [FileName2.xml]

  5. Press Enter and the compression will commence

  6. Once complete, navigate to the location you saved your ZIP file, right-click and rename .zip to .wgt

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