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Maximum supported Image and Video Resolution on SSSP D/E Series
Maximum supported Image and Video Resolution on SSSP D/E Series
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What is the maximum supported resolution for SSSP D/E Series displays?

On SSSP D and E series displays, images and videos are restricted to full HD or below only. This means that any image or video with a resolution of 1920x1080 or below for landscape displays or 1080x1920 or below for portrait displays will play. Any images or videos that exceed these resolutions will not playback on the device but will instead be skipped.

Why is there a restriction on the maximum supported resolution?

SSSP D and E series displays are Full HD displays only. Displaying assets with resolutions greater than Full HD is not only suboptimal for performance but oversized images and videos can even cause the displays to freeze or completely crash. These restrictions were introduced to protect our customers against this.

Why could I display oversized images and videos before?

This restriction was introduced in a recent media player update. Attempting to play oversized media on the SSSP D and E series displays was previously possible but not recommended. This restriction was added to prevent oversized image and video assets from causing displays to freeze or crash.

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