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Supported Chrome OS Players and their features
Supported Chrome OS Players and their features
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At a high level, we recommend using the following commonly supported file types, however, a full summary of the current support can be found in the following document.

Please Note

The features listed in this article are just some of the items that our Chrome OS Media Player application can achieve. Here is a full list of useful links for you for the Chrome OS Media Player with Signagelive.

  • Supported media types and features - (view link here)

  • Supported Chrome OS devices - (view link here)

  • Chrome OS Devices that Signagelive have tested - (view link here)

  • Image: JPEG, PNG

  • Video: MP4 (H.264)

Media Playback Features

  • Full-screen and multi-zone layout support

  • Landscape and portrait support

  • Offline playback of media

  • Widgets from our Marketplace

  • Nested and Localised Playlists

  • Widget SDK Features

  • Web, Local and Soft Triggers

  • Proof of Play

  • Real Time Events (HTTP only)

System Management Features

  • The ability to use Screen Control to set screen ON/OFF.

  • Scheduled Reboots.

  • Wide array of device monitoring and reporting.

You can use Signagelive on any Chrome OS-based Player so there is no current list of supported models available. You can, however, read more about the development status of the Chrome OS Signagelive Players, here.

How can I find out more?

You can find out more by visiting our Signagelive for Chrome Player site, or by reading the articles within the Signagelive for Chrome OS. We are always here to help as best we can, so just contact us for any help you require.

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