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Finding the Serial Commands for your Nexmosphere device using Termite
Finding the Serial Commands for your Nexmosphere device using Termite
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In some instances, you may be using a Nexmosphere controller with a BrightSign device and are unsure of what commands correspond with each interactive element on your board, in this article we will detail how you can go about finding these.

In most cases, the relevant commands should be listed in Nexmosphere’s Quick Start guides - but for this scenario, we are going to be using an RS232 terminal called Termite. You can download Termite here,

Using Termite

Once you have installed the Termite application, plug your Nesmosphere board into your laptop and the device will boot-up. From here follow these steps:

  1. Open the Termite application

  2. Press Settings

  3. Select the relevant port from the Port drop-down menu (your Nexmosphere will typically assume the highest port number, but if you are unsure then unplug the device and check which port becomes available from this drop-down menu when plugging the device back in - this will be your device)

  4. Ensure the rest of your serial port settings match the screenshot below:

  5. Press OK to confirm your settings

Upon completion of the steps above, you should now be able to interact with your Nexmosphere board and the Termite console will begin to return your serial commands:

These commands are made up by the X-talk interface (X001 in the screenshot above) and the element command (A[17] or A[0] in the screenshot above). The first code in the example above is from when a button was pressed and the second code was when that same button was released.

Using the information supplied in the Termite application, you’ll be able to proceed with the steps in this article and configure your Serial Interrupts.

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