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This article describes how to configure a list of rooms within the Signagelive Calendar Integration application and then use this list with the Signagelive Multi-Room List App available within the Marketplace.


In order to configure a list of rooms, you must have:

  • Connected Google or Office365 accounts within the Signagelive Calendar Integration application. You can use rooms from both within a single list of rooms.

  • Created one or more rooms within the Calendar Integration application.

Please Note

At present, you cannot integrate your Resources Calendar in Microsoft with Signagelive.

For details on both of the above, please see this Help Centre article.

Creating a Room List

  • Navigate to the Calendar Integration application.

  • Select Room Lists from the menu

  • Click New Room List

  • Give the Room List a Name and a Description, these will be displayed on the Multi-Room App when published to your players.

  • Click Save Changes

  • The Room List will be saved and an API Key will be created, you will need to make a note of this, or copy it to your clipboard using the button provided, as it is required within the Multi-Room App.

  • The Add Room button will also now be available. To add rooms follow the instructions below.

Adding a Room to a Room List

  • From the Room Lists page, click the Edit button next to the Room List you wish to add a room to.

  • Click the Add Room button

  • You will be taken to the Add Room page, where the list of rooms will include any rooms which are not already added to the room list. If there are no additional rooms that can be added, you will be told this.

  • Enter the order in which you wish this room to be displayed within the Multi-Room App.

  • Click Save Changes

  • You will be taken back to the Room List details and the additional room will be shown in the list of rooms.

Removing a Room from a Room List

  • Navigate to the Room List details

  • Click the Delete Room icon, next to the room which you want to remove

  • You will be shown an alert asking if you are sure you want to remove the room, click OK.

Setting up the Multi-Room List App

Important Note

Before starting, make sure you have the API Key for the Room List you want to configure.

  • Log in to Signagelive as an Administrator or a User

  • Select Content

  • Select Playlists

  • Select Create/ Edit

  • Press Add (blue +)

  • Select From the Marketplace

  • Search for Multi-Room

  • Click to Add the Multi-Room App to your Signagelive network

  • Close the Marketplace

  • Click on the Recently Added folder

  • Add the Multi-Room App to the playlist of your choice

  • Open the Multi-Room App Properties within the playlist

  • Set the API key to be the API key for the Room List you want to display

  • Save the playlist

If you have already published this playlist to your players then the App will be added the next time the player checks in, otherwise, publish the playlist to your player/s.

The Multi-Room List App, displays the current meeting in the first column, and the next upcoming meeting in the second column. If there is no current meeting, the next meeting will still show in the second column.

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