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What is the Calendar Integration application?

Before you begin using Calendar or Room Booking Widgets downloaded from the Signagelive Marketplace, you'll need to connect the Google or Office 365 account that you wish to use with these Widgets. This is where the Calendar Integration application comes in.

Signagelive's Calendar Integration application is the central hub for our Calendar and Room Booking-based Widgets, and here is where you'll connect your accounts and build your Rooms and Room Lists. Once your Room or Room list has been built and connected to the relevant Google or Office 365 account, you'll be given an API key, which will allow you to link the associated Room or Room List with the relevant app you wish to publish to your Signagelive Players.

Here is a summary of the optimal workflow for configuring and publishing Calendar/Room Booking-based Widgets/apps to your Signagelive Network:

  1. Link your Google or Office 365 account to the Calendar Integration application

  2. Create a Room or Room List

  3. Copy the API Key from the Room/Room List you wish to publish to your Signagelive Players

  4. Add the Widget/App you wish to use to your Signagelive Network from the Signagelive Marketplace

  5. Add your desired Widget/App to a Playlist or Layout of your choosing

  6. Paste the API Key for the relevant Room/Room List into your Calendar or Room Booking Widget and Publish it to your Player

How do I access the Calendar Integration application?

The Calendar Integration application is accessed via the application switcher located in the top left corner of your Signagelive Network. Prior to attempting to access the Calendar Integration application, you'll need to ensure that you or any users who wish to use the application have been added to it. Users will need to be added to the application by an administrator or a user with the relevant permissions on your Signagelive Network.

Follow the steps detailed below to add a user to the Calendar Integration application:

  1. Login to your Signagelive Network as an administrator

  2. Click on your Network's name (located at the top of the page)

  3. Select Edit from the drop-down menu

  4. Click on the Network Applications tab

  5. Select the Settings cog located beside the Calendar Integration application:

    Signagelive - Google Chrome 2024-05-08 at 11.56.29 AM
  6. Click New User then select the user you wish to add from the drop-down menu

  7. Once selected, press Ok

That's it! Now, when the added user clicks the application switcher from the top left corner, Calendar Integration should appear in the drop-down menu.

Please Note

In the event you do not see the Calendar Integration as an option from the Application Switcher drop-down, please try logging out and then logging back in again.

How does the Calendar Integration application work?

There are three tabs in the Calendar Integration application:

  • Rooms - this is where you'll create the rooms that you can use with your Calendar apps downloaded from the Signagelive Marketplace

  • Room Lists - this is where you can create Room Lists, which allows you to combine multiple rooms into a single API key for your Multi-Room list app/Widget

  • Services - this is where you'll connect your Google or Office 365 account to the Calendar Integration application

Please Note

If you're using the Calendar Integration application for the first time, we recommend starting by heading to the Services tab and adding the account you wish to use.

How do I link a Google/Office 365 account?

  • Within the Calendar Integration application, click on Services to begin connecting your desired Google or Office 365 account

  • Click the Authorise button to connect to your desired service and log in

Here is a video guide of how this process looks:

Please Note

You can only authenticate a single account for each service (one Google account and one Office 365 account) against a Signagelive Network

In order to maintain optimum security practice, we recommend creating an account for the service you wish to use that is solely designed for use with the Signagelive Calendar Integration.

How to create a room

Watch the following video to learn how to create a room with your authenticated calendar account:

Once you have created the room, Signagelive will synchronise calendar items for the next 90 days for the chosen calendar. Items will continue to be synchronised at a regular interval so that new, cancelled, or edited items are synchronised correctly. We remove all items older than today from the Signagelive database.

When the room is saved an API Key is created so you can start using this room with the Signagelive calendar widgets. Copy this now, as we will need it in the next step.

You will be able to view the items synchronised with Signagelive, by viewing the details of the room at any time within the Calendar Integration application.

Please Note

You cannot, edit, delete, or create calendar items within the Signagelive Calendar Integration application.

Set up a Calendar App

Watch this video to learn about the final stage of setting up your Calendar integration, adding and configuring the Calendar App within a Playlist:

Please Note

If you wish to show the Calendar App for a long period of time, or it is the only asset in your playlist, we recommend, setting the duration to a long period of time. This is because the App refreshes its data in the background and there is no need for the whole App to be reloaded on a regular basis. If you have the duration set to a short time, then you will see a short flash while the App reloads.

When published to your player/s, the App itself calls out to the Signagelive Calendar API and will show the calendar items based on the preferences chosen.

Disconnecting an account

To disconnect a Google/Office365 account, this is done in the same place as when authorising an account. When clicking the “disconnect” button, any rooms which have been created using a calendar linked to the account will be deleted, along with any calendar items synchronised for those rooms.

Any Calendar Apps using an API key for these rooms, will also no longer show any calendar items.

Calendar App Preferences

  • API Key: The API Key which defines the room for which Meetings are shown.

  • Maximum Number of Meetings to Show: The maximum number of meetings will be shown in the list views of the Apps.

  • Show Only Today’s Meetings: If there are less than the maximum number of meetings happening today, should meetings for the following days be shown.

  • Timeline Start Time: If the App has a timeline, what is the earliest time to show a meeting on the timeline for.

  • Timeline End Time: If the App has a timeline, what is the latest time to show a meeting on the timeline for.

  • Timeline Segment Duration: If the App has a timeline, what duration segments should the timeline be split into.

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