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Configuring the Interactive Room Booking App with O365
Configuring the Interactive Room Booking App with O365
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This article describes how to configure the Interactive Room Booking App to allow for meetings to be booked directly from the Signagelive player, if the player has touch functionality.


In order to be able to configure a Signagelive player to provide the ability to be able to book meetings, the following items are required:

  • Connected O365 account to the Signagelive

  • A touch enabled Signagelive player, see here for supported players.

For details regarding connecting your O365 account, application and user authorisation in O365, and setting up rooms in Signagelive, please see this Help Centre article.

Using O365 Resources

O365 allows meetings established in your calendar to be associated with a resource, such as a room or location. Further information, such as the capacity, can be configured in O365, limiting the number of attendees. Thus, meetings can be booked at a certain time, place and with a defined capacity.

Once your O365 account has been successfully linked to Signagelive, these resources will be synchronised, enabling you to attach them to rooms created in the Calendar Integration Application. These rooms can then be booked using the Room Booking widget, as discussed in the next sections.

Different users can create events in O365 set for different times and associate them with the same resource. These events should automatically synchronise with and then be displayed in the room created in Signagelive.

Also, when a resource is selected under the ‘Calendar’ drop down, the name of the event in the Signagelive room will be the name of the event organiser in O365, rather than the meeting name and description.

Please Note

When creating a new room and selecting the O365 service, any calendar (including resource calendars) will be listed under ‘Calendar’. The ‘Resource’ drop down menu only applies to the Google service.

Setting up the Interactive Room Booking App

Please Note

Before starting, make sure you have the API Key for the Room you want to configure.

Once your O365 account is linked to Signagelive and your room is created (as described here), you can begin setting up your Room Booking app.

  • Login to Signagelive as an Administrator or a User

  • Select Content

  • Select Playlists

  • Select Create/ Edit

  • Press Add (blue +)

  • Select From the Marketplace

  • Search for Interactive Room Booking App

  • Click to Add the Interactive Room Booking App to your Signagelive network

  • Close the Marketplace

  • Click on the Recently Added folder

  • Add the App to the playlist of your choice

  • Open the App properties within the playlist

  • Set the API key to be the API key for the Room you want to display

  • Save the playlist

If you have already published this playlist to your players then the App will be added the next time the player checks in, otherwise, publish the playlist to your player/s. You can learn more about Publishing Content in this Help Centre section.

Booking a Meeting from your Signagelive Player

  • From your Signagelive player, press the “Book Now” or “Book Future” button

  • Enter all the required details on the modals shown

  • Click “Book

  • The meeting will be added, as long as it does not clash with any existing meetings.

  • Signagelive will then synchronise the new meeting to the configured O365calendar for the configured room being used on the App

Please Note

  • Meetings will use the timezone of the calendar attached to the room, rather than the timezone set in the room within Signagelive.

  • When adding your Room Booking App to your Playlist, ensure you set the duration for long enough to allow users to select a time and enter their details. Otherwise the app will refresh midway through the process. The longer the duration you set the better!

Known issues when using a Philips 10" [10BDL3051T]

When using a Philips 10" (10BDL3051T) please ensure that the device is set to use network provided time.

To use network provided time on the Philips 10” screen press and hold the Power button and simultaneously press Volume Down twice to enter admin mode (If asked for a password, the default is 1,2,3,4)

  • Within the Admin Mode menu, select Apps

  • Navigate to Settings (select 'Open')

  • Go to Date and Time settings

  • Make sure that ‘Automatic Date & Time’ is checked

  • Ensure that you are using the correct timezone settings

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